The Hartford Land Bank identifies and acquires vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent and/or distressed properties in the City of Hartford, Connecticut, to steward their rehabilitation and return to productive community assets. Hartford Land Bank, Inc. is a non-profit corporation.

In the News

Hartford Land Bank Names Marcus Ordoñez as New Executive Director

Press Release, June 24, 2024


Newest Hartford Land Bank project cuts ribbon in North End

Fox 61, June 18, 2024


Nonprofit Hartford Land Bank Revives Another Home In City’s North End

CT News Junkie, June 18, 2024


Former blighted Hartford house newly renovated

WTNH-8, March 26, 2024


Hartford Land Bank Continues Search for Next Executive Director

Job Posting, February 28, 2024


Infamous Hartford home on the market after land bank redevelopment

CT Insider, December 8, 2023


Hartford Land Bank Launches Search for Next Executive Director

Press Release, November 27, 2023


Hartford Land Bank developers defend the nonprofit against attacks amid mayoral campaign

CT Insider, September 29, 2023


Long-vacant blighted historic home gets a makeover through Hartford Land Bank

Hartford Courant, September 21, 2023


From ‘warzone’ to Zillow: How a Hartford developer revamped an Upper Albany home in less than a year

CT Insider, September 21, 2023


Community leaders unveil new look for historic Hartford property

WTNH-8, September 20, 2023


Why Hartford’s Upper Albany neighbors blocked two opportunities for open space in their neighborhood

CT Insider, July 10, 2023


Live coverage of the 78 Martin Street Ribbon Cutting

CT en Vivo News, July 7, 2023


In Hartford’s North End, from blight to beautiful

Fox 61 News, July 7, 2023


Why turning vacant Hartford lots into urban farms has proved difficult: ‘It was extremely hurtful’

CT Insider, June 20, 2023


Job Posting: Property & Programs Manager

Job Description, April 20, 2023


Urban farming initiative hopes to reduce city blight and provide healthy food to Hartford

Connecticut Public Radio, March 21, 2023


Hartford’s urban farmers grow produce and opportunity

CT Insider, March 7, 2023


Hartford Groups Turn to Urban Farming for Redevelopment

NBC Connecticut, February 9, 2023


In Hartford food deserts, three vacant properties may be repurposed for urban farming

Hartford Courant, January 8, 2023


Student-Run Crested Communications Aids Hartford Land Bank

University of Hartford UNotes, December 21, 2022


How Hartford Land Bank helps city residents turn blighted properties into homeownership opportunities

CT Insider, December 17, 2022


Hartford Land Bank Announces Second Developers Cohort Training for Hartford Residents

Press Release, November 9, 2022


Hartford Land Bank transforms neighborhoods

Fox 61 News, July 29, 2022


HLB CEO Arunan Arulampalam named to Hartford Business Journal’s 2022 Power 25 Real Estate List

Hartford Business Journal, July 18, 2022


Five Hartford properties in the pipeline for restoration and local ownership

Hartford Courant, July 1, 2022


Hartford Land Bank Partners with HEDCO to Advance the Developers Cohort’s Skills with Blueprint Course

Press Release, May 23, 2022


Hartford Land Bank Completes First Renovation

CT News Junkie, May 16, 2022


Renovated Hartford Land Bank home, now ready for tenants, ‘lifts the neighborhood up’

Hartford Courant, May 14, 2022


Community Learning Research Fellows Partner with Hartford Organizations on Real-World Issues

Trinity College News, May 10, 2022


Building Generational Wealth Through Home Ownership and Business

ESPN 97.9 FM / WPOP News Talk 1410 AM and 100.9 FM / WELI 960 AM, February 26, 2022


How to dismantle structural racism and housing inequity? The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving takes aim through lobbying grants

Hartford Courant, February 1, 2022


Hartford Foundation Awards $175,000 in Grants to Support Housing Policy and Advocacy Efforts

Press Release, January 26, 2022


Hartford Land Bank Invests in Human Infrastructure

Strong Towns, January 6, 2022


HPL And Hartford Land Bank Partner On Program Teaching City Residents To Redevelop Blighted Homes

Hartford Patch, December 3, 2021


Hartford Land Bank program to teach city residents to fix up vacant, blighted homes and connect them to low-interest loans

Hartford Courant, November 4, 2021


Hartford Land Bank launching training program for aspiring developers

Hartford Business Journal, November 3, 2021


Hartford Program Aims to Create Next Generation of Property Developers

NBC 30 Connecticut, November 2, 2021


Hartford Land Bank Announces Developers Cohort Training Initiative for Hartford Residents of Color With a $1 Million Financial Commitment From the Hartford Community Loan Fund

Press Release, November 2, 2021 & Press Conference


Hartford Land Bank CEO Arulampalam wants to restore city’s eyesore properties, boost homeownership

Hartford Business Journal, October 4, 2021


Job Posting: Office & Programs Manager

Job Description, September 3, 2021


Hartford Land Bank names new CEO

Hartford Business Journal, July 20, 2021


Arulampalam to Lead Hartford Land Bank

CT News Junkie, July 19, 2021


Hartford Land Bank Names Arunan Arulampalam as New Chief Executive Officer

Press Release, July 19, 2021


Consumer protection official tapped to lead Hartford Land Bank says he’s excited by potential to build wealth in city’s neighborhoods

Hartford Courant, July 10, 2021


Hartford Land Bank Takes a Big Step

Hartford News, April 8, 2021 (scroll to page 3)


Job Posting: Executive Director

Job Description, April 7, 2021


Hartford Land Bank Announces First Properties for Sale

Press Release, March 30, 2021


Hartford Land Bank’s first director, former city staffer,
leaving Connecticut after 4 years of battling blight

Hartford Courant, January 12, 2021


Hartford Land Bank Announces Interim Executive Director

Current Executive Director Laura Settlemyer Leaving to Practice Law in New Orleans

Press Release, January 12, 2021


How infrastructure improvements can aid inclusive revival

CT Mirror, October 26, 2020


Hartford Land Bank looking to acquire, restore its first batch of vacant, blighted homes

Hartford Courant, August 20, 2020


Laura Settlemyer named to HBJ “40 Under Forty” Class of 2020

Hartford Business Journal, August 10, 2020


Hartford Land Bank seeks to acquire 7 properties from city

Hartford Business Journal, August 6, 2020


Hartford Land Bank Names First Executive Director

Press Release, February 5, 2020


Hartford Land Bank: Rebuilding Hartford’s Neighborhoods

Hartford News, March 26, 2020 (scroll to page 3)


Settlemyer aims to turn Hartford’s eyesore properties into neighborhood assets

Hartford Business Journal, March 23, 2020


New Hartford Land Bank executive director seeks to eliminate blighted properties

Hartford Business Journal, February 6, 2020


Laura Settlemyer, Hartford’s first blight remediation director, will now lead city’s first land bank

Hartford Courant, February 5, 2020


Land Banks and Conservatorship: Connecticut’s New Tools to Stabilize Neighborhoods

Partnership for Strong Communities October 2019 IForum, October 30, 2019


Land banks: a developer’s savior?

The Real Deal, August 19, 2019


Newburgh, N.Y., may have a solution for blighted properties Connecticut can use

CT Mirror, July 4, 2019


Abandoned And Vacant: A Look At How Connecticut Cities Are Addressing Blight

WNPR Connecticut Public Radio’s “Where We Live”, June 20, 2019, re-aired August 8, 2019


Give Cities Better Tools to Address Blight

The Hartford Guardian, June 5, 2019


Bidders see a mix of discounts and hard lines at Hartford property auction

Hartford Courant, May 10, 2019


Hartford Land Bank to help find responsible owners for blighted, vacant properties

Hartford Courant, May 5, 2019


Blight No More: Check Out 13 Before-And-After Transformations In Hartford

Hartford Courant, October 11, 2018


Nearly 140 Blighted Properties Fixed In Hartford

Hartford Courant, October 8, 2018


New Blight Director Brings Benefit Of Experience To Hartford

Hartford Courant, November 21, 2016