Circa 1910 wood frame three-family home. Walking distance to Keney Park and Albany Avenue business district, easy access to bus routes. See below for more information. Click here to download our required waiver form and click here to sign up for our emails to be notified of Property Viewing Dates. Principals only.

Neighborhood: Clay Arsenal
Property Type: Residential, 3 units
Year Built: c. 1910
Zoning Classification: NX-2
Parcel ID: 219-221-134
Structure Size (sq ft) 3,696
HLB Incentives Available: Contact HLB
Property Condition: Poor
Eligible Transferee: Developer
HLB Desired End Use: Homeowner
Eligible and/or Approved Use: Residential Occupancy
Historic Designation*: No
HLB Acquisition Date: 01/05/2021
HLB Status/Phase**: Intake

 *Properties on state or national historic registers may qualify for rehab financing. Please contact the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) or the Hartford Preservation Alliance for information.

**HLB Status indicated as follows:


  • Intake: HLB conducting due diligence on recently acquired property; commissioning appraisals; clearing title (if applicable); securing property & addressing immediate indicators of blight
  • For Sale: HLB offering property for sale to qualified buyers/developers
  • For Sale via RFP: This property is in need of extensive rehabilitation. Please submit a proposal using our RFP form with your bid price and rehabilitation plans.
  • Pending: Purchase & Sale Agreement in negotiation between HLB & prospective buyer.
  • Sold: Sale to developer/homeowner complete.
  • Demolition Pending: This structure has been deemed unsafe and beyond repair. Once the structure has been demolished the land will be dispersed through our Lot Next Door program.

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